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simca aronde P60

Simca Aronde Ad.jpg
Simca Aronde P60.jpg
Simca Montlhery P60.jpg

The Aronde range was given an extensive facelift in September 1958 with the introduction of the P60 Aronde range. All saloons had a new body with larger glass area, extended roof, new radiator grille and bumpers. This is well shown in the photo. The sports models were given new grilles and bumpers. The two door Grande Large coupe was joined by the Monaco coupe. A year later the range was boosted by the introduction of the Etoile, an economy version of the Elysee with a 1090cc power unit. The estate models were also given the P60 front styling, the rear remaining unchanged. 1960 models were also fitted with coil springs at the rear in addition to the normal leaf springs.

In October 1960 the new "Rush" engine was introduced, with a five-bearing crankshaft and centrifugal oil filter. The last major change was the launch in September 1961 of the Monthlery Speciale saloon and Monaco Speciale Coupe, both with the 70bhp Rush Super engine. Total Aronde production was 1.4 million, and it had transformed Simca into a major player in the French car industry, second only to Renault in terms of production by the end of the 1950s.

While there are only a few Arondes in the UK, a good number have survived in France and many mechanical components are available. Body and trim parts are a different matter, but used panels do appear at European Simca meetings and occasionally an unused wing can be found.


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