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if you own any of the following cars manufactured from 1951 until 1986, you should join our Club!

  • Simca Aronde, Vedette, 1000, 1100, 1300/1500, 1301/1501;

  • Chrysler Alpine, Horizon, 180/2 litre

  • Talbot Alpine, Horizon, Samba, Solara, Tagora

  • Matra Simca Bagheera, Talbot Matra Rancho and Talbot Matra Murena, all being based on Simca components.


Benefits of Simca Talbot UK Membership include: 

  • L' Aronde, a bi-monthly magazine, with articles, contacts, tips, details of cars and spares for sale, together with news of Simca meetings both in the UK and Europe.

  • Events calendar and annual National Rally held on a summer weekend.

  • Gallery images of past events worldwide

  • Details of regional meetings and stands at a number of classic car shows around the country

  • Technical advisers for most models, who can be contacted for help, advice and encouragement/support

  • Features section including car restorations and members' stories

  • Cars and spares for sale/wanted in both the UK and Europe

  • Links with other European Simca/Talbot Clubs, and full details of the bi-annual International Simca/Talbot Meetings which are well supported by members of the UK Club.

  • A comprehensive library of old Simca/Talbot brochures and press photos (downloadable PDFs)

To join, please complete the Membership Application Form. Rates for joining in 2024 are below and include full website access, members forum, access to expert advice from other members, Club events, and the bi-monthly Club Magazine L'Aronde.


Join date: 1 January to 30 June:

£25 which includes 6 x paper copies of L'Aronde, posted to you, or

£20 which includes 6 x PDF copies of L'Aronde emailed to you.

Join date: 1 July to 31 August: 

£12.50 which includes 3 x paper copies of L'Aronde posted to you, or

£10 which includes 3 x PDF copies of L'Aronde emailed to you. 

Join date: 1 September to 31 October:

£9.44 which includes 2 x paper copies of L'Aronde posted to you, or

£8.33 which includes 2 x PDF copies of of L'Aronde emailed to you. 

Join date: 1 November to 31 December:

Full annual cost £25/20, which includes advance membership for 2024 and the Nov/Dec L'Aronde as above, together with full website access. (Bonus Christmas offer)

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