GALLERY: poissy, Nanterre & RYTON factories

Simca Factory at Poissy 1967

Nanterre med res

Simca president Georges Hereil in his of





Unic factory 'greyscale'

Rootes Competition Department in Coventr

Promotional Photo - Simca 1000

Production Line

Production Line at Poissy

Horizon Production Line

Chrysler Simca Transport

Chrysler Alpines at Ryton

Chrysler Alpine Production Line at Ryton

Chrysler 180s at Factory

Cars Lined Up

Poissy Simca

Poissy Simca 1

Poissy Simca 2

Car Park

Alpine Production Line at Ryton

Photo of Strike at Poissy Factory 1983

Back of Photo re Strike at Poissy

Poissy Simca 3


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