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about the club

The Club was originally formed in 1980 and has grown and developed over the years to what it is now. It's run by members for the members and represents Simca and Talbot owners in the UK, but with links to overseas clubs and events. 


The Simca Talbot Club started as the Simca Aronde Owners Register in 1980.The scope of the Club was widened in 1985 to include all Simca models. With the end of production of Talbot cars in 1986, owners of French designed cars (Chrysler France) such as the Alpine, Horizon, Samba, Solara and Tagora were also welcomed into the Club. In response to members' wishes, in 1994 the name of the Club was changed to SIMCA CLUB UK. More recently a Talbot Owners Register, 1979 to 1986, has been set up to be listed in classic car magazines under 'T' as many people now do not know the connection between Simca and Talbot. The Register is an integral part of SIMCA CLUB UK and most members own either Simcas or Talbots or both. 

Poissy Control Centre.jpg
Simca Poissy Factory CONTROL CENTRE 1959
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